Captures of a news interview girl group T-ara member Qri took before her debut has surfaced.

It seems that Qri's been interviewed by a KBS1TV news show in a subway station before she debuted as part of the girl group T-ara. Only recently were these captured released into the internet.

The capture shows Qri in a clean manner as a student, and in the MBC drama Queen Seonduk in which she's participating as a wife shows that she hasn't looked different ever since. Netizens have been making comments such as 'She looks the same before and after she debuted' and comments like 'That's natural beauty right there!'.

Another aspect about T-ara's Qri that surprises netizens is that her real name is actually Kyuri. 'Kyuri' would be a nickname used in junior high to girls that are 'Cutie Pretty'. However, its been clarified that Qri's real name is Lee Jihyun until 'Kyuri' became the name that people were used to calling her.

Meanwhile, Qri is participating together with T-ara and Supernova promoting their single 'TTL Listen.2'.

Written by: Lee Dajeong
Translated by: Elly@diadem

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