In the new SBS drama "Coffee House", Kang Seung Yeon, played by T-ara's Eunjung said she's "not a potential threat" to her members.

In a recent interview with T-ara's Eunjung, Eunjung stated "it's fun to be gone," and when the interviewer asked if the other members are jealous she responded with, "that that's not it."

Eunjung said, "The members and I have faith in each other. We encourage each other all the time. All of us are ready to work hard and we are not jealous of each other, we always are congratulating and encouraging."

"For now, the focus is more aligned to me, but all of the individual members have versatile talents," Eunjung said boldly.

T-ara finished recording the Japanese version of "TTL" recently, and will begin Japanese promotions sooner or later. Because of her "Coffee House" filming, Eunjung unfortunately could not join in the promotions.

"The 5 other members have a burning desire and passion to be a performer, I know they will appear great without me."

"Coffee House" is a drama-sitcom with rising actors.

translation: nathaniel @ diadem + nate
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