Astro中文部總監朱志恆披露,該頻道在15天的新春佳節期間,預料將播出約100個節目,其中網羅亞洲人氣偶像如劉德華、郭富城、鄭秀文、蔡依林、羅志祥、Super Junior等人的演唱會、音樂會、電視音樂特輯等。
Astro's Chinese Manager has announced that in 15 days of the Lunar New Year(the Lunar New Year lasts for 15days), Astro will air 100 programs, which include performances by Asia artists like Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Sammi Cheng, Jolin Tsai, Alan Luo and Super Junior.

It looks like kpop is also gaining in Chinese countries, so much that Chinese channels have to air Kpop things to attract audiences. As Super Junior is included in addition to the many of the outstanding Chinese artistes named and the only Kpop one at that, I am very happy for them.

Super Junior hwaiting!~

(I know this is kindof out dated...sorry)
Translated by: Weiting

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