Real heart beats, Real narrations

Starting from 3 PM, the members of 2PM released their individual teasers in pairs with the sound of a heart beat.

In the video, the members have their eyes closed and slowly open them as the camera slowly moves towards the chest until it reaches their heart. The heart rate graph is then flashed in the end. The teasers end with a topic that each individual member has chosen, finishing off with the question 'What is your heart beating for?'

The surprising fact is that the actual heart beat sounds and the members' narrations, even the heart rate graphs, are all real.

The heart beat sound that each teaser sounds is the real sound of their individual heart beats, recorded especially for the teaser.

Even the narration is said to be thought up by the members themselves after 2 weeks of planning in an effort to deliver their true feelings and thoughts.

A JYPE representative stated "The teasers released are for the title track to be released on the 10th. The title track is a new style that has never been heard of before."

2PM's title track and first official album will be released on the 10th online.


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