Professor Kang, 3 faces of today's internet generation seen through Jaebum

Omitted lengthy summary on the Jaebum case as a background.

First, despite their extremely quick sense of confronting and reacting to news, netizens lack the ability to make a valued judgment. Netizens were quick to judge based on a few mistranslated pieces of Jaebum's myspace. Foreigners attempted to step in with a correct translation of the various slangs but netizens refused to listen to all sides and made a hasty judgment off of one mistranslated piece of information. Everyone was quick to accept and verify as truth something that was very biased and off.

Second, the generation pushes their sense of nationalism to an unreachable level of prominence. The youth is quick to protect Korea in issues such as Dokdo Island and refuses to allow any action that breaks down Korea. Unfortunately, to their dismay, there are over 100,000 foreigners living within the country. Having used the internet as a bridge to cross the world, today's generation still refuses to even allow and accept one mistake of a young man because he holds an American citizenship.

Third, we must hurry to stop this obsession with public opinion. Issues are quickly swept away by the masses. Celebrities and society alike are obsessed with being the top ranking search term.

If only we could approach one another with modesty and respect, allowing to think of the other before themselves, our internet age could be that much brighter.

Kang Jin Gu

Park jaebeom

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