It seems it maybe be hard to see ‘chic-dol’ MBLAQ’s full version of the music video through MBC KBS SBS and other public channels.

Before their comeback, MBLAQ had released their title song ‘Y’ music video through MTV on May 17th. The music video is about the betrayal received from the loved girl, revenge, forgiveness, and more.

Through the MV Lee Joon was able to successfully pull off kiss scenes, bed scenes, and more with the main female character and even show off his crying acting. In the last scene Lee Joon is shown shooting a gun towards the girl that he had once loved. Although it is not completely shown, it can be assumed that with Lee Joon and the gun in his hand, and the fainted girl faintly moving her hands with blood that there was a gunshot.

A company representative of MBLAQs on the 19th had a phone call with Newsen saying “We knew that the gun coming out in the music video would be hard to be shown on public channels” and “There is another version for the public channels, the gun scene is taken out.” MBLAQ is planning on releasing it on the 19th.

This representative also talked about the shower scene and the exposing scenes and said “It is not the company president Rain (Real Name Jung Jihoon) but Lee Joon” and “He excercised a lot.”

On the other hand MBLAQ will be having their comeback stage of ‘Y’ on the 20th through Mnet ‘M Countdown.’

Source: NEWSEN
Translation: mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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