“Comeback” 2PM NichKhun’s Chocolate Ab’s becomes a topic of conversation

As the 6 membered group 2PM prepares for a comeback, their first CF (commercial film) released has NichKhun’s chocolate ab’s gaining interest

2PM showed off their brown chocolate ab’s as they advertised for a chocolate brownie product. The story behind the advertisement is where the 6 member group, 2PM is used as an advertisement showing their muscled bodies and 2 females debate whether the abs are real or photoshopped. Nichkhun says they are real and they run out of the advertisement.

For this advertisement NichKhun reveals his “Beast” side with his muscled body, throwing away his pre-existing image of the “Smiling Boy”. Also, ChanSung and Taecyeon’s upper body muscles have him exposed which has been peaking interest as well.


Also, 2pm Becomes a Giant Billboard


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