Super Junior's Kangin (Kim Young Woon, 24) had a drunk hit and run issue which had already been highly criticized and disapproved at, but the controversy grows bigger with this picture he took with a woman at the bar from where his first incident occured.

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Since the 18th, different websites posted the picture which was captured from the woman's mini homepage and netizens tried to figure out when the picture was uploaded; however, the exact date of the photo was unclear due to the many edits performed on it.

The woman with Kangin in the photo just put up the picture with the words "I was lucky. He's fun and talks well and drinks well and he's handsome but he needs to improve his language (needs to stop cussing)."

After the netizens discovered the woman's mini homepage, she was attacked and even her personal information was revealed.

One netizen said "I don't understand why this woman would upload such a photo right in the midst of such Kangin's current controversy"

Others were throroughly disappointed in Kangin yet again. Netizens also said "He's an idol singer who depends on his image because it's his job; why in the world would he agree to take such a photo?" "Is his job in the entertainment industry a mistake?" etc.

Other netizens fired back saying "He was drinking at a bar with a woman and took a picture, why does that make you so angry?" and these people expressed that there is nothing majorly wrong with taking the harmless picture.

Meanwhile, Kangin's company, SM Entertainment, spoke out on his drunk hig and run incident and announced that he is banned from any activities at least until the end of the year.

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