Recently, Super Junior M and their junior Zhang Liyin have released a mini album and an album single respectively. During the album release conference held in Beijing, Hankyung not only helped Siwon apply lip balm, but the two also joked around, acting out an intimate scene as lovers taking photos. Regarding the criticisms Super Junior member Kangin has received for his involvement in a drink-and-drive accident, Hankyung not only expressed his support for his fellow group mate but also vouched for his character.
The sweet scene with member Donghae and Zhang Liyin taking photos together in the MV made Hankyung and Siwon, who both did not participate in the filming, very envious. As such, the two of them re-enacted one of the classic footages in the MV, making lots of mistakes and thus causing much laughter off-stage. In the event segment after that, Hankyung helped his good buddy (Siwon) apply lip balm, and gave this lip balm to a selected lucky fan, causing much envy amongst the other supporters.

ot long ago, SJ member Kangin was condemned by the public for causing an accident while drink-driving. As his buddy, Hankyung has shown his support, saying that Kangin is very caring towards the other members and vouches for his character. Touching on Kangin’s current situation, Hankyung said that he should still be in the midst of trying to re-adjust himself and hopes that everyone can give him time and a second chance.

SR: 新浪娱乐
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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