Big Bang celebrated the start of their Japanese tour by holding a press conference during the first day (of the tour) at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa.

Big Bang debuted in 2006 in Korea and received a lot of awards in their home country. They debuted in Japan in June 2009 and by the end of last year, they got the Best Newcomer Awards from the two award-giving bodies, Japan Cable Awards and Japan Record Awards.

All venues (and even additional dates and seats) of the concert tour are all sold-out. Shocked by the popularity they now have, Taeyang said, "It hasn't been that long since our major debut so we want our fans to know that we really appreciate the love and support they give us." T.O.P said, "We will do our best to give our fans an awesome stage and we hope we can create a lot of beautiful memories with them."

Meanwhile, Big Bang has collaborated with Sky TV Japan for a project called, "Suggest a Song Title". 15,000 entries have already been submitted and when Seungri was asked which title he liked, he said, "Sukidayo" and sang "Sukidayo, Sukidayo..." Daesung joked, "I don't think that's Ken Hirai's song. I thought I could sing that song!" and was embarrassed when he was praised for his vocal abilities.

The design of Big Bang's tour bus was based on the proposal they submitted and will be displayed at the concert venues.

Leader, G-Dragon sent a message to his fans saying, "We promise to give the fans a wonderful stage so please wish us luck and give us more support in the future."

Behind-the-scenes footage and planning of the tour will be broadcasted on Big Bang's special program on Sky TV Japan called "Choice is Yours". The first part is scheduled to be shown on February 28, 6PM and the others parts next month.

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