"Hello, this is Yeoseob!
I bet you're pretty surprised.
It's midnight right now and I was thinking about this and that. I couldn't control my beating heart(?) so I decided to post on here.
I'm probably going to get goosebumps reading this tomorrow afternoon. That's what I'm thinking.

We 6 guys had this dream ever since we were trainees. Looking at us now, working our way up, I'm really proud.
I feel really warm to see stuff that has to do with us on newspapers/articles.
And every time I hear fans cheering on for us stage - it just makes me feel really good.
You guys also love my superultrahypermegaton(?) craziness.
Thank you so much.
To all of us, every little thing is important.
Thank you so much (repeat a bunch of times)

This is our start. We haven't shown you guys much yet.
From now on, we'll show you spectacular things. You fans just wait!

Well this child now (Yeoseob's talking about himself) is now mature and responsible.
And this responsible child has to go to sleep.
I'll meet you in my dreams.
I love you!"

Translated by smilesunwoo_@soompi
Credits to : n89807@B2St Rising International Forum
B2stYo seob

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