2PM's Taecyeon gave Yoona a surprise present on Coming-of-age day.

On coming-of-age day on the 17th, during the recording of 'Family Outing 2', Taecyeon showed his sense by giving Yoona a present to congratulate her for coming of age.

On this day, while recording for the 'meeting of memories' corner, Taecyeon gave perfume to Yoona. At this surprise present, Yoona's mouth was left wide open and couldn't hide her shock.

Yoona said "I got congratulated a lot for coming of age, but this is the first time I've received a present. I never even though I would get a present, so I'm really touched", showing her smile.

After seeing Taecyeon caring for Yoona, the family members gave responses of "These two people look serious", "Are you sure you're not dating". In response to this, the two people replied "We're tired of explaining ourselves", showing their cool images.

The scene of Taecyeon giving Yoona the perfume present will be broadcast on the 30th.

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