Due to his flu and fatigue, CNBlue main vocalist Yong Hwa was rushed to the hospital last 24th and news are that he will be discharged from the hospital on the 27th.

Yong Hwa has been receiving treatments and he can be discharged from the hospital this 27th. Their schedules this coming weekend are planned to proceed as scheduled. FNC said that CNBlue will continue their activities this coming weekends and apologize to the fans for worrying them and Yong Hwa will come back healthy and active.

Yong Hwa was diagnosed with vocal nodules last April, but he received treatment and was okay. CNBlue had their comeback on the 19th but after their comebacks, he got tired and his condition worsened due to the rain last May 22 during the Dream Concert.

Meanwhile, This coming June, CNblue will be having their second concert in Japan, 23rd on Osaka and 26th on Tokyo. The tickets has been already sold out and CNBlue is showing good signs of their debut in Japan.

Source: Osen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews
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