Yesung looks funny and cute, isn't it ? 

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Musical 'Hong Gil Dong' of a national hero back over 500 years ago a group will be portrait by Super Junior members Yesung and Sungmin from the Republic of Korea on 2010 New Year's first. "Right, I don't want to lose this opportunity." They said.

Yesung said, "The casting is very good. I have made new friends, and I always work hard." He stated.

"In year 2010, I want to find things you can do a lot of variety and always wished I'd have a job," He added, full of hope.

Sungmin said, "I will never lose hope, and will always stay healthy. The disease outbreak in 2009 gave a lot of sick people. But this year, we will give you a healthy smile."

Source: 경제투데이
English Translation by Diana

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