Wonder Girls new song "2 different tears" has finally been released on May 16 and as soon as it was released, it has took on online music charts and succeeds in popularity among fans.

2 different tears is currently No.1 in Cyworld online chart and No.2 in Melon music chart. Due to it's retro-disco melody it has garnered a lot of interest and high response from fans.

Wonder Girls also had a successful launch event today which was featured by Perez Hilton on his blog via USTREAM where the live stream of the event was shown throughout the world for fans worldwide to witness.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls will be shooting for their guesting on Family Outing 2 on May 17, they will be in South Korea for 2 weeks and will be performing in music programs for their comeback, along with this they will be appearing on the 2010 dream concert and by June they will proceed with their American Tour with Live Nation.

Source: Nate
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews
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