WONDERGIRLS has restructured itself as a result of newest member HaeLim coming aboard. After SunMi’s announced withdrawal last month, the preceding plan was to involve her in group activities until late-February, & then begin to mix in HaeLim from the month of March. But the transition period has been brought forward somewhat.

Beginning February 4 with CF activities in Sanya, China [the city is located on Hainan island], HaeLim will publicly appear as a WONDERGIRLS member for the first time. To this end, she had parted company with the others on January 27 & then joined the group to go overseas to China on February 2. After finishing China promotions, she will head to America to participate in recording sessions for WONDERGIRLS’s official debut album.

WONDERGIRLS had begun recording for the debut album in America since late last year. Because the plan was to publish it in late February, SunMi had participated in the recordings. However, her abrupt decision to exit resulted in an unavoidable change. After careful deliberations over whether to keep SunMi’s vocals in the album, the decision was made to enroll HaeLim & let her re-record the parts. The anticipated album release date is also delayed till April or so.

Separately, SunMi is not involved in the China CF activities & has remained behind in New York. The JYP camp said that she will have already left WONDERGIRLS when the CF is aired, & was thus not included in the China promotions. SunMi will join the ‘Pop-Con Concert’ on February 20 at the Nassau Coliseum in America, before biding farewell to WONDER GIRLS.

{translation: qoxie @ soompi forums (WG thread)}

source: wonderfulsworld, JoongAng Daily Chinese Web
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