How will ‘angel Khun’ Nich Khun look like when he is angry?

2PM Nich Khun reveals his angry expression during 2PM’s guest appearance on SBS PowerFM ‘Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime’ on 17th May. DJ Choi HwaJung ask, “Nich Khun usually have that angelic image, when he is angry, does he look different?” And member WooYoung said, “That’s right. When he is angry, I cannot be by his side, I want to be behind him.

Words will start coming out in English, Korean and Thai.” Choi HwaJung then suggested Nich Khun to reenact how he would be when he is angry. And Nich Khun acted out, not forgeting his sense of humour by adding the comment “Doo~Doo~ (censor)”.

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