“I want ‘U-KISS at #1 on Music Chart’ as my graduation present”

U-KISS’s maknae Dongho graduated from middle school on the morning of February 10th, revealed that he wanted U-KISS to be at #1 on music charts as his graduation present.

Dongho who has just graduated from Yonggang Middle School, said “I feel sad even though I finally graduated from school. Even though I can’t meet my friends and teachers anymore, but I’ll do better (for the future) and try to think positively”

He added with excitement “Soon I’ll be wearing a pretty high school uniform and I think that I’ll take lots of selca pictures. I’ll show you my cool high school student’s image.”

U-KISS’s members Kevin, Kibum, Alexander and Kiseob attended the graduation ceremony too. They were there to congratulate their magnae, Dongho, for the graduation.

Kibum said “Please study hard and make lots of friends in high school.” Kevin joked around as well giving encouragement by saying “Don’t think of dating, you’re busy with lots of activities right now but please study hard.”

Starting from March, Dongho will be attending Hanrim Entertainment Arts High School on a scholarship, studying music.

Credits: Nocutnews + bluejaymiesky (video) + contiukiss (Eng trans) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans + caps)

*Hope U-Kiss get #1 on Music Chart ^^
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