The topic of SoHee(Wonder Girls) and SoHyun(4Minute) being secret sisters have created an uproar in various Korean online communities and forums, due to seen photos of 4Minute's SoHyun pouting and bloating her cheeks.

Some of the netizens' reactions:
"Really exactly the same"
"Both are cute and charming"
"I can't even tell which girl is SoHee"

Since debut, SoHyun has been said to be a SoHee look-alike due to her cute single eyelids and chubby cheeks. Other than outer appearance, both girls have debuted as maknaes of their respective groups during their middle school days.

SoHee is currently active in America for Wonder Girls' Nobody promotions, while SoHyun is gaining popularity continuously with 4Minute's hot song Muzik.

Source: Chosun News
Chinese Translations: 4minCN + WGCN
English Translations + Editing:
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