Many stared blankly into their TV/ Computer when a familar teen face dressed in a red and black jacket appeared right in front of their eyes. Rumor has it that it was Yoo SeungHo appearing on ‘You’re Beautiful.’

On November 4th, the anticipated 9th episode of ‘You’re Beautiful’ aired. During this episode, the first part of the scene included Ko MiNam (Park ShinHye) try to celebrate Hwang TaeKyung’s (Jang GeunSuk) birthday by trying to buy him a bottle of watter when he runs low on water while recording in his studio. As she is rushing out of the convinence store with the water for TaeKyung a familar face makes a statement in the drama for about 3 seconds.

The familar face turns out to be Yoo SeungHo, and when Ko MiNam runs into him while buying the water, he says, “What the?” Dressing in a red and black jacket with his hood on, SeungHo was only on screen for a short time but left a great impact.

Many watchers doubted their eyes as he appeared on screen. Some even commented:
“Was that the real Yoo SeungHo?”
“I seriously doubted by eyes. Epic suprise.”
“I thought I had bad eye sight, but it was really Yoo SeungHo!”
“Of couse it is Yoo SeungHo. My eyes will never fail me.”
“Funny how I was think of Queen SeonDuk and he came out in ‘You’re Beautiful”

Currently, ‘You’re Beautiful’ is gaining more and more viewers as the drama progresses on. Yoo SeungHo also is gaining popularity from more people through his recent drama ‘Queen SeonDuk.’

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