The most recent video clip of 2PM’s Jaebum has been found on the internet and has become a hot topic.
Today (the 16th), a video clip of Jaebum’s b-boying battle was posted in the morning on a site. It is receiving a lot of attention from the fans.

Also in this clip, Jaebum again wore the t-shirt given to him from the Korean fans. It seems like every time Jaebum participates in a battle, because he is thankful, he wears the t-shirt that his Korean fans made and gave to him and his entire b-boy crew.

After the netizens saw the new clip, they said, “I think he has become even better. He dances well”, “Whenever I see Jaebum, I get teary”, ”He has conquered all of the genres”, “I want to see this on a Korean stage so hurry back” and showed their sad feelings about Jaebum.

When it was found out on September 5th of last year that Jaebum wrote comments such as, “ I want to leave Korea” on his myspace, it became a big scandal. Because the controversy would not die down even after his official apology, after three days, he said that he would withdraw from 2PM and left for America on the 8th.

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