TVXQ Fanclub Cassiopeia has released a fan album to support TVXQ members.

On last October 27th through an online music site, a single album “Love Melody” was released. In this album Casiopeia members gathered up to do the arrangement and lyics, as well participated in the vocal. The project started up in means to show the fans power of love to TVXQ.

The title song “Love Melody” is a lyrical ballad song contains the message of “Wherever you go, we’ll always stand by your side.” in the lyrics.

When the album was released, netizens gave many surprising responses, “DBSK fans is really extraordinary.” “For ameteurs, their skill level is really great”

Meanwhile TVXQ fans themselves sent a great responses, “By listening the song, the truthful heart reaches our mind,” “We want to give TVXQ more support and hope.” and many more.

The full proceed from this album will be used to help the needy neighbors.

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Cassies made an album for charity work

Album Title: LOVE MELODY
Composition: EH
Words: EH
Vocal: YR, JI, HN, MJ, EH

2.LOVE MELODY (Feat.EH) (inst)

source: omgkpop
video source: vickyssu@ youtube

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