U-Kiss’ first full album has been released. They come back with a new song, ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, which shows of a manlier side of them than we saw in ‘Man Man Ha Ni’. With more intense visuals and melody, especially with maknae Dongho’s almost-white hair, they have been gaining much attention.

When Dongho met with T-news, he revealed, “I bleached my hair 15 times” and “During the 15 times of bleaching, my scalp was burning so badly I felt like dying. The state of my hair has been made worse too.

The other members went through a similar process too. Alexander and Eli have asymmetrical hairstyles, Kevin has orangey hair, Soohyun boasts chic black hair and Kiseop and Kibum have new hairstyles too.

Idols put a lot of effort into exercising to maintain a good body. From before ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ promotions, U-Kiss who has nicknames such as ‘protein’, ‘chicken breast’ amongst themselves have taken exercise seriously. “For our promotions this time round, we focused on weight training to achieve a good figure”, said the group. In U-Kiss’ music video, the members revealed their nude upper bodies, showing solid bodies achieved through exercise.

‘Bingeul Bingeul’, the title track this time is produced mainly by Brave Brothers, with a strong intro and addictive repetition of ‘Bingeul Bingeul’.

U-Kiss says, “We will not disappoint our fans who have been waiting so we will deliver a more handsome image. We’ll work hard, so look forward to it.”

Korean Sources: Sports.chosun
Translations: ukissme.SG

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