U-KISS who recently made a comeback with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, has revealed the choreography while practicing for it for the first time.

On the MBC Every1 U-KISS’s Vampire filming, U-KISS was seen sweating as they were practicing the choreography at the practice room.

“We feel nervous the most when we were monitoring our practice together with our president through TV. There’s nowhere to hide if the president pointed a finger on us.”

On this episode, U-KISS members also revealed the presents that they received from the fans. Soohyun said “Seriously, I feel the fans’ love whenever I received letters from fans” while Dongho was simply answering “when receiving electronic products”.

U-KISS also revealed that the member that taking bath the least was Kevin. However Kevin reacted back by saying that the members didn’t have any proof of it. More, this episode will showed Eli imitating a pigeon, Soohyun with his abs etc.

This will be broadcast on February 12th at 10:00pm.

Credits: http://contiukiss.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/100211-u-kiss-%E2%80%9Ckevin-doesn%E2%80%99t-wash%E2%80%9D/

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