U-KISS adds a new member before their comeback. FIND OUT WHO, AFTER THE JUMP!

On their official website, U-Kiss announced their comeback date and the addition of a 7th member to their group.

You guys have waited a long time huh?
Thank you to the fans that waited so long...

On the first week of November, Nov 5th, U-Kiss will perform on M! countdown the new single off of their new album!
We also have more good news for you... Up until now,
it has been the 6 members Alexander, Soohyun, Kibum, Eli, Kevin, and Dongho but beginning from this 3rd album we will have a 7th member. His name is LEE KI SUB (이기섭)
you guys are a little surprised right?

We hope you guys open up to him as you did to the other members...

Here are some pictures of the new member, Lee Ki Sub, a 91-er.

source: omgkpop | allkpop | ukissmusic @ youtube
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