'LeeSeChang, Han MinGwan, Eli, Oh Seungah's F1 derby challenges "Real Life Racing" '

Various celebrities will be filmed while training for a F1 (Formula 1) racing derby. Their "lessons" are to be shown on tv.
As shown on MBC's ESPN, sometime near the month of October in JunNam, Youngam ; a F1 GrandPrix racing derby will be held. For the F1 GrandPrix derby, various celebrities will be learning and training to possibly participate in it.
Next week, the first broadcast of the program will feature actor Lee SeChang; gagman, HanMinGwan; U-Kiss's Eli and Rainbow's Oh Seungah.

For the program, actor Lee SeChang who is also a racer, will be training and teaching the featured members. He will be helping them recieve international licenses and help them learn safety regulations. This will lead them to participate in the F1 derby later in October.
This program will be broadcasted for 2 months.

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