It's perhaps no big surprise but it just needed some time. Remember the provocative music video, Can't you trust Noona by girl group, Top.AZ? It was reported today that the music video has been banned from airing on television because of the overly revealing outfits by the girls in it.

According to KBS, Top.AZ's music video was banned because of the revealing lingerie outfits that the girls were wearing and it will not be aired on their television stations. Because the censorship departments of the three major tv broadcasters are pretty similar, it's likely that SBS and MBC will ban it as well.

Top.AZ's management agency expressed, "The outfits was modeled after what upper-class women in the French Middle Ages wore. We did not purposely make the girls wear such revealing outfits in the music video to create attention. We understand that MBC and SBS are currently checking on our music video. If they also ban it like KBS, we will consider making another music video for another song from their album.

Top.AZ had begun promotions for their album on 6th October.

credit: babyangel5309 & Allkpop

For once, i don't mind KBS for banning this MV ^^.This is so cheap & coquetish !

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