Hello, Bigeasts.

The NEW single 時ヲ止メテ (T/N: Tokiwo tomete) will be released on March 24.
We will start taking orders for the from today, February 17 (Wed), 16:00.

[Bigeast Version]

■Title: 「時ヲ止メテ」 (T/N: Tokiwo Tomete) <Bigeast Version>
■Schedule of Release:March 24(Wed), 2010
■Style:CD Single (Picture Label)
■Price:¥735(including tax)
■Recorded contents:
・時ヲ止メテ (T/N: Tokiwo tomete)
・時ヲ止メテ(LESS VOCAL)
Total 2songs, 4 versions songs are scheduled

【Bigeast Version CD Single Original Specs】
■Picture Label
※Picture Label: Tohoshinki members’ images are printed on the CD label.

【Bigeast Original Benefits】
☆Bigeast Limited “Members’ handwritten messages petit newsletter” (Jacket Size/8P)」
※This will be for Bigeast members only.
※”Members’ handwritten petit newsletter” means a jacket size/8 pages’ newsletter, including members’ printed handwritten comments.

【Benefits included】
■Jacket size card (1 for each product)
※6 versions, randomly included
※The jacket size card will be common with CD’s sold at the market.

[Sales Period]
February 17, 2010 (Wed) 16:00~March 31, 2010 (Wed) noontime

[Deliveryl Date]
For those who have made the reservations from Feb 17 (Wed), 2010 16:00 to March 2 (Tues), 2010, the product will be delivered on the day of the release.
For those who have made the reservations from Mar 2 (Tues), 2010 13:00 to Mar 23 (Tues), 2010 (until 23:59), the delivery will start from the day after the date of release.

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>>>2010/02/17 From Bigeast Office

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Toki Wo tomete is a CF menard song sang by DBSK.Lots of people are requesting for it !

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