Group Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk(28) has explained his scandal with Kim Yuna.

Leeteuk has revealed his thoughts on the scandal at the press conference of the 4th ablum.

He dismissed the scandal saying, “to find about the scandal, one reporter followed me to where I was working out. I think it’s because she’s a famous sports star.” Also, Leeteuk said, “after the filming of school uniform CF in 2007, I did not meet Kim Yuna. I want to see her.”

Also, Leeteuk said about becoming minihompy ilchon, “Yesung was the first member to become minihompy ilchon with Kim Yuna. While filming, Kim Yuna told Yesung she has a minihompy and became ilchon with him. After seeing that, I came up to her.”

Before, Leeteuk had a scandal with Kim Yuna in 2007 by becoming minihompy ilchon.

Source: NTN
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
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