"The Revenge of the Maknaes"

Following their girl group counterparts, the male idol groups have come together.

Groups 2AM, T-Max, FT Island, and U-Kiss' maknaes have come together on a real variety program show. 2AM's Jinwoon, T-Max's Yunhwa, U-Kiss's Dongo, and etc have starred in SBS ETV's "The Generation of the Maknae's Revenge."

This program allowed the young members to express their dissatisfaction at their leaders being the center of the group and gave them an opportunity to display their talents and skills. Also, in order for the maknaes to star in different variety shows and have a skill to show, "Maknae's Revenge" will train them in various areas. Their first mission was to sing alike to Jo Sungmo.

An associate of the program stated "This is the first time these maknaes are able to receive such attention away from their respective groups. They definitely gave their all in the recordings. The producers have started this program with the intention of making these boys the most #1 sought after fiures in future variety shows."

This program will air next month on the 7th.

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