Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae) and G-dragon (23·real name Kwon Ji Young) have been together over 10 years, from trainee days. Suddenly I was curious. Wasn’t there any rivalry between each other? Have they ever fought?

“We’ve fought only once. While playing basketball together…”

Taeyang and G-dragon were playing basketball, dividing into teams with the dancer team. They lost to the dancer team every time. Competitive Taeyang thought ‘I will win at any cost’, but G-dragon said ‘it’s an impossible game’ and wanted to stop.

“We continuously lost and Ji Young said ‘Let’s stop’, but I said ‘let’s try until we win’. We quarreled ‘do’, ‘do not’ and finally fought. Hahaha.”

The two of them have opposite personalities and preferences. For example, G-dragon’s has had a variety of hairstyles of over 200 times after his debut, but Taeyang has changed his only twice.

“Ji Young is always fearless when doing something. I’m cautious when I choose. So I think that’s why we’re very compatible. I hold him on and Ji Young shows me what I can’t see.”

Even when they choose menus, Taeyang wants to have ‘something that is just tasty’ but G-dragon has a specific menu in his mind that goes like ‘this in this situation, ‘that in that situation’.

“I’m indecisive so it’s hard to choose something. Ji Young is not so. But we basically have regard and respect for each other. There are things I concede when I see Ji young, and Jiyoung as well. Now actually I think my real friend is only Ji Young.”

Two friends, who have consoled and supported each other and have been together in their tough childhood throughout their trainee days. The hard entertainment life has not been lonely because they’re by each other.
“Working together, plainly there would be parts that don’t fit. But I think we have been doing well through thick and thin together.”

Translated by Myokoon @ alwaystaeyang
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