University ran fashion, styling, and trend magazine Ceci Campus released the 3rd issue on the 21st of October 2009.

In this 3rd snowy white cover issue of Ceci Campus T-ara member Qri poses and shows off her regal beauty. As a rising star, Qri is part of the 6-member girl group T-ara and is currently partaking in the promotion of their collaboration single with Supernova called 'TTL (Time to Love)'. Qri is also partcipating in MBC drama Queen Seonduk as the wife of Kim Yushin. Since the promotion of 'TTL' T-ara has been transformed from their cutesy 'Lies' image to a sexy and powerful image for 'TTL (Time to Love)'.

Other T-ara members that are featured in the Ceci Campus cover story are Jiyeon and Soyeon. Ceci Campus' third issue will be available in all universities campuses as well as major coffee shops such as Starbucks and Angelinus Coffee locations.

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Translated by: Elly@diadem

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