T-ara's new CF song for Nonghyup/Harrison apples has just been revealed to the public earlier today. Check it out below!

Although it's not confirmed if it's a leak or not since it was supposed to be out later in the day, T-ara's, also known as Tiara, song for their first out of three CFs this month has been revealed! The girls will be making a lot of money off these CFs, with this one pulling in 300,000 USD alone, the highest offer ever for a rookie group/singer!

"Apple Song" goes back to T-ara's "Lies" roots, with it being a bit cute-sy and mid-tempo. Although being cute might mean that there would be no rapping, but that's definitely not the case here! Something the song is definitely not lacking is a fierce rap portrayed by the voices of T-ara's rappers, Eunjung and Hyomin. Sadly though, the song does show a bit of similarity to Brown Eyed Girls' previous single, My Style.

cr: Vagabond190

Meanwhile, the girls were busy performing at the "Apple Day Event," which was basically a showcase for the song and the video. All 6 members performed together their debut single, "Lies" and the "Apple Song."


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