Another interesting piece of T-ara EunJung’s past has been revealed!

It is known that EunJung has taken part in the 2006 drama production for Dong Bang Shin Ki called ‘Dating From Earth’. In the romance comedy drama, Micky YooChun plays the role of a highschool student whose wife happens to be his teacher at school.

And EunJung plays the role of a crazy fan and schoolmate to Micky YooChun at school. She was seen in uniform and with her black long hair.

What caught the attention of many is also her kiss scene with Micky YooChun. In the drama, she had tagged along with Micky where he went and in the end, she initiated a kiss.

Netizens who have seen the videos commented, “EunJung has much activities even before debut”, “she even get to kiss Micky YooChun, did she like saved the whole nation in her previous life to get such good opportunities this life?”, “she looks pure and pretty” etc.


i myself don't understand what is the big deal o.o? There are many other onscreen kisses which the other members did... o.o.Secondly, from what i heard from fans, they didn't even kiss directly.

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