An original musical, ‘Hong Gil Dong’ will hold encore performances to commemorate the 5th year of National Museum of Korea.
Starting on the 5th of the next month and ending in 9 days, the production of the musical ‘Hong Gil Dong’ was started by the findings that Hong Gil Dong that appears in October 22nd Chosun Dynasty Chronicles Yunsan goon 6years (1500 AD) was the actual model of Heo Kyun’s novel Hong Gil Dong.
Shedding a new light on the life and the past of Hong Gil Dong who lived 500 years ago, the musical shows the story of ‘Hong Gil Dong’ who represents the people’s hero in the world and is gaining many expectation with Super Junior Yesung and Sungmin cast as the lead.
The musical ‘Hong Gil Dong’ is planning to present the audience today’s new hero and give the audience new emotions with over 30 actors appearing in the big stage, new emotional stage, music, choreography and expressing Korean emotions through the people’s hero Hong Gil Dong’s life and dream.
Meanwhile,the musical ‘Hong Gil Dong’ is planning to perform in China, Japan and the United States after the Seoul performances in 2010. cle
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Source: Frontier Times
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