Super Junior’s dance battle was all the talk today as it claimed to have some parts copied from Lyle Beniga’s original choreography. Lyle Beniga is YG’s resident choreographer and somehow word passed on, and it has reached him.

He’s not mad about the whole thing, but did emphasize that he’s not okay with it. You can see from the caps I did from his tweets awhile ago.

And finishing his little rant he said and I quote - ‘ Ey for the record im not sayin it’s “OK” lol. Im jus not trippin over it – they def. lose respect tho ‘

We all have opinions. It’s up to you guys to decide, I’m posting the videos of the said performances as well. Just so you know, the Twelfs had also been tipped off that 2PM also got inspirations for their own battle. And by the way, Lyle’s reply at the bottom was to me. Happy fangirl.


Did Super Junior really copied Lyle Beniga's dance routines? Was it right that Super Junior did not credit the choreographer's name if they really copied his steps? The answers are all up to you my dear readers. We have different opinions and point of views.

Here now are the videos for you to compare:

Lyle Beniga's Choreography:


Super Junior at Star Dance Battle:


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