Super Junior Kim Heechul has revealed that he wanted to get rid of his minihompy after he started using Twitter.

Kim Heechul has said at a press conference for Super Junior Vol4 that "Recently I have thought that I should get rid of my minihompy which I made even before my debut. I dont know when my minihompy became a place for me to explain the bad rumors about me which are going around the internet. I used to just write for fun but lately it has become a burden".

Heechul started using Twitter after Shindong did, Shindong said "You can give people acorns as gifts on minihompy and that has become a burden for fans" therefore he started using Twitter. Especially with Twitter they can communicate with oversea fans, Shindong said "Among my 100,000 followers, there are 80,000 people who are foreign " with pride.

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