Strong heart PD is thankful for the time and effort taken for Teuk Academy.

Members from Super Junior, Eeteuk, EunHyuk and ShinDong have gotten television viewers glued to their chairs every Tuesday night with Teuk Academy. Providing a new topic, dance, songs as well as the guest stars’ unglamorous photos, Teuk Academy has shown extraordinary creativity that cannot be found in most stars. The creator of the show, as well as the PD doesn’t have a say in this, giving them the 100% freedom to do what they want.

In the SBS variety show, “Strong Heart”, Teuk Academy’s Teukigayo is a segment that cannot be edited out. Before going into military, BOOM founded BOOM Academy, and then “Boomkigayo”. Now, this empty place of BOOM Academy has been replaced by Eeteuk, EunHyuk and ShinDong’s talents and wits, and should really be deserved a round of applause, stated the “Strong Heart” PD.

“Stong Heart” PD Park Sang Hyuk expressed that he is grateful and “really thankful to Teuk Academy, as well as the 3 members who worked so hard in preparing of this. The topics, music, as well as the preparation of the photos are 100% done by them. The night before the recording, they would give their ideas, and on the day itself, the preparations would be done. The efforts made by the members of this Korea’s greatest boy band is really incredible.”

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