Previously reported that all 5 members of SS501 to appear on SBS ‘Strong Heart’, yet, we should put our hope aside as the group will split into 3 and 2 members for the show.

First recording will be done today (Nov 5th,2009), and SS501 member for today’s recording will be Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong. Whilst, the rest 2 members Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjoon according to DSP Media site will participate in Nov 19,2009 recording schedule instead.

SBS ‘Strong Heart’ crew,” At first we try to film all 5 members in 1 recording, yet, afterwards, we think it’s better to split the 5 members into 2 group of people, so viewers can have more chances to see the group in other episode and that is why we come up with this decision.”


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