After being on hiatus for 1 year and 7 months SS501 is finally back with a fresh new mature image and a new album for the fans. They just finished having their successful persona asian tour, despite album being delayed for a month because of plagiarism issues, nothing will stop them now to release their album and as scheduled it is now available.

It looks like even if SS501 has been silent for a long time, fans havent abandoned them and are have waited patiently for their return. Just being released the album is said to have done well already in the markets showing how much their loyal fans still support them. SS501 has made a drastic change of image showing a more mature side from the boys, which of course, the fans are liking. here are the tracks from their much awaited comeback album:


Love like this:



완 . 두 . 콩 .:

credits: urnobody919 @ youtube; blueprincess824 @ DKP

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