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On the night of October 17, Korean Idol group SS501 help a concert at Taipei Arena as part of their Asia tour entitled "Persona Tour." This is the second time they have visited Taiwan since their overseas promotions back in earlier July.

Prior to the concert, the 5 members held a press conference at the Sherwood Hotel to preview their upcoming shows. According to the reporters attended, leader Kim Hyun Joong seem to be have lost weight since the September.

Ever since October 15, when SS501 first arrived to Taiwan, they were already gaining attention from citizens. Fans ever speculated and followed the boys in the various places they visited. Sam Chen, president of Warner Music, even personally brought the boys steamed buns and Trà sữa (milk teas). With so much anticipation, the boys worked hard to prepare for the concert even practicing until midnight the night before.

On October 16 at the press conference, President Sam Chen when handed the platinum record to SS501 said "Thanks to SS501, we have achieved optimal selling record this year. Our bonuses and holidays awarded to company staff will hopefully come from this profit."

Right after the President's speech, the boys immediately followed up "Can we go on holidays with your staff too?", "Can we go to Hawaii?".

During the conference, Park Jung Min gave fan a special performance of the song Tian Mi Mi (Sweetness). Hyun Joon then commented, "Jung Min often hides in his hotel room to concentrate/practice. I have also heard him sing other songs, I think Hyung (Anh. Older male) could probably achieve [at singing Mandarin songs] 90%." While Kyu Jong commented, "He practices very hard. In fact, every morning he would greet me in Chinese, its very surprising."

The concert was different than all prior concerts held at Taipei Arena; 50 staff members from Korea came with SS501 to Taiwan for preparation and 100 different outfits were prepared for stand by. Appearing on the colorful stage, SS501 even gave 11,000 fans chocolate. The show really did deserve a red ribbon.

SS501 performed various songs including the popular "Deja Vu", A song calling for you, Warnin and Four Chance. The concert also contained solo performances such as “Hey G”, “Never Let You Go” and “Please be nice to me”. That night, Jung Min had the opportunity to sing the song Tian Mi Mi in its' entirely. As a bonus, SS501 performed two new songs [Never performed Live anywhere elss] called, “Crazy 4 U” and "Pea Princess".

Fans particularly favored the performance of "Please be nice to me" by Leader Kim Hyun Joong. The female fans were treated to a "hot boy" image when Hyun Joong began tearing his own shirt on stage in the middle of the song.

After the success of the concert, SS501 returned to Korea were they will be releasing a new mini album called "Rebirth."

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