Korean group SS501 will be attending the 21st Golden Melody Awards as performers and presenters on June 26th. Fans of the group are already leaving messages on the TTV forum, which is airing the show, about their concerns over Dee Hsu (Xiao S). They are worried that the host will get a little too close or ask them some inappropriate questions.

Xiao S recently created some controversies when she asked the Wonder Girls about their “first night’ on Kangxi Lai Le. SS501 fans are worried that she would do the same, so they have asked TTV to give her a friendly reminder on their behalf.

In response, TTV’s Deputy General Manager said Xiao S is very intelligent and will adjust her performance accordingly, “Don’t give her too much pressure. Let her be herself. TTV won’t restrict her, or put her under pressure.” They also revealed that SS501 will be performing a song in Chinese.

Source : Chinatimes
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