SNSD's Sunny talks about her grandparents on the latest Invincible Youth episode that recently aired.

The topic was a soft spot for her as she goes on to mention how her grandmother does not recognize her anymore (my assumption is possibly due to Alzheimer's or some case of dementia) and her grandfather has been very ill. She goes further to say that she hasn't be able to see them since this past spring when the group went to LA for Hollywood Bowl causing her to cry. Unable to call, Sunny brings up the topic how KBS World is available in the US and hopes her grandparents will be able to watch the programs she is on and sends a heart warming message to them.

The following clip is subbed. The discussion about her family does not begin until around the 2:20.

I wish nothing but the best for her and her family and I hope her grandparents health improves.

credit: toebeast @ youtube; omgkpop

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