So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon’s recent photos taken during her radio show MBC ChinChin radio show with singer K Will have sparked off the interests of netizens.

In the photos, she was seen hugging K Will. She tells everyone that she is not afraid K Will, who has now recovered from swine flu.

Go under the cut for more photos!

The note that Taengoo wrote with the photos:

finally, him!
He’s back, everyone!!!!

We have missed him so much, hicks…
Now that he has recovered, hicks…
How much we have worried for him…

Thank you for coming back looking health, Will

Actually when the news came out that K Will will be coming
Our staff have many thoughts
Like, if we should wear masks
Or if we should wear secret gloves

But we are not like that..
Because we are one family,
I’m not scared of K Will

Look here, our TaengDJ is not scared of K Will at all

And also kwa~ak
Just want to hug him

Now now, our Ilak sshi…..
Looking at that, he had ran off and covered his mouth?

*It is just a concept, don’t misunderstand!”

Welcome back K Will, who has returned healthy


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