Another goodies from the past of Hyori. HyoRi 이효리 interviewed with Kim Bum Suk at Jesnews in Korea. The in-depth interview took place at Hyolee’s 단골집 (which translates to a bar or restaurant she regularly goes to). Let’s check out her smart, funny and honest answers.

Q: Why do you prefer to live by yourself?
A: When i was young, i lived with my sisters sharing a small room behind my father’s barber shop. When i joined Finkl, i had to share rooms with Yuri, JuHyun and Jin, so having the freedom of my own room has always been a dream come true for me.

Q: Whe was the first time you had alcohol?
A: 3rd year in 서문여(im guessing this is Jr. High which here in the states would have made her an 8th grader or freshman in high school) we went behind the mall and had Lemon Soju.

Q: If you needed to talk to someone at 2am who would you call?
A: I would call Bronx or Peter Park in USA California.
Jk, I would call Ok Ju Hyun, Kim Jeh Dong or one of the SG Wannabe members. People in this industry quickly get aquainted yet quickly move on to someone else because we are all busy.

Q: How many ppl are in your cell phonebook?
A: 234 but i’ve only memorized less than 10 numbers.

Q: Do you cry often?
A: Yes when i think people don’t get me and make me out to be a person im not.

Q: When a celebrity becomes famous he/she has family trouble because of money, how about you?
A: Nope

Q: Does the kind of guy you are attracted to change often?
A: When i was younger, i only liked handsome men. They didn’t have to have money because i was making enough. But i’ve been “burned” (데어서, she probably meant hurt) too many times that now i like guys who are warm and sweet.

Q: If you were a reporter what would you ask a celebrity?
A: I would ask what color underwear they had. You never asked that question before huh? I’ve never received that question either.

Q: Ok, please answer that question for us
A: I like very feminine style under garments, and 70% of them are pink. It’s loveable – omg im so embarassed!
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