The rookie male idol group, SHU-I (So Hot Union of Idols) are ready to continue their activities with a brand new song, Save Me. After dropping the love BOMBS to the fangirls' hearts, they are now asking to be saved? Corny joke aside, let's dig in a little deeper on what they are now up to.

These newborn baby idols had debuted with their first song, BOMB BOMB BOMB on September 18th, and was successful enough to gain the title of the November Power Rookie given by the Korean Creative Content Agency. The quintets have have gone through a 180 degrees transformation for their comeback- and yes, they are still hotter than ever. Their new song is already being highly anticipated with their catchy tune and attracting lyrics written by a well-known songwriter, Kim Hyung Kyu.

SHU-I expressed,
"Through our follow-up song, Save Me, we would like to present a new unique style to the fans, SHU-I style. Our goal is to become a long-living idol group accepted by the audience for our talent. We hope this song can really capture the fans' love."

Watch out for SHU-I on Music Bank today, Friday the 13th.


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