According to the restaurant waitress’ blog:

昨日は、うちの店に、山Pと城田優君とジェジュン(東方神起)が食べに来たよ~!!!やっぱり、これまた生で見ちゃうと全然興味なかったのに、とき めいちゃうよね~笑

Yesterday to my restaurant,Yama-P, Shirota Yu, and Jaejoong (Tohoshinki) came to eat~!!Even though I had no interest on them, yet if I see them in real life you’ll be excited~ *laughs*

someone asked her if she could tell more about the incident and she replied~

Yamashita-kun and Shirota Yu-kun came to our restaurant just before closing,
Jaejoong came and joined them later☆
They seemed not much hungry,
I got order just some appetizers from them, but that was many good appetizers…(laugh)
All of them were so handsome and cute!!

source: kyont
trans: Rieko@sharingyoochun

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