A group of netizens and fans think so.

Some have commented that the flower boys of SHINee have lost even more weight since their debut and must be dieting to retain their image. The maknaes of SM Entertainment say it isn’t so.

In an interview with a reporter from Newsen, SHINee claim that they eat a lot and maybe they “should upload the photos of what the members eat everyday onto the internet” as proof. They also said that they are not the type that gain weight easily even though they don’t work out a lot. Lucky them.

The boys of SHINee range in age from 16 (Taemin) to almost 20 (Onew), so there are still growing boys. Having a high metabolism is also common in active teenage boys, so their claims seem valid. Of course this could be all a ruse and they actually have a strict ’starve’ contract with SM Entertainment which will come out in a few years when SHINee sues them to get out of it. I’m just saying…

cr: Newsen, Soompi; seoulbeats

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