In an interview with Joy News, when asked if they knew that they were known as "puppets" of SM Entertainment, SHINee responded by saying that those saying were "biased."

"SM gives us a lot of voice and they ask a lot for our opinions... it is our name in the album so it is our songs," added SHINee.

"It seems like the public has a lot of prejudices and stereotypes on idols. 'Chocolate Love' that was performed by SNSD and f(x) is different as we have our own distinctive colors. The company of course gives us support and a foundation. But even then, they dont give us one-sided actions which is not even a possibility."

SHINee is proud to be in SM and doesn't have anything to hide.

"Unlike other companies, they listen to our concerns and it's a family environment." SHINee added that in "Dream Concert and SM Concert, you can see that we care about each other and the older members of SM take good care of the younger ones."

"Maybe it's because they cared for us a lot during our trainee days, we hear that SM artists are very devoted."

SHINee also said that their first juniors are f(x) and they are looking after them.

"We saw them from trainee days and we didn't expect them to debut this fast. We didn't expect Sully to be this tall and pretty (laughs). We now feel how being seniors feel. We understand why our seniors took care of us the way they did. We want to be good seniors for f(x)."

-Joy News; translated by kokonut @ omgkpop
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