On the episode of SBS’s “Quiz! The Sixth Sense” that will be aired on February 7th, Onew revealed the instance in which he was second-best in the entire school in his third year of high school when they were discussing the topic of “School Life”. He also said, “If you study very seriously and constantly, you will receive a good result no matter what.”

Onew said, “The effects of studying right before dawn is especially good,” thus revealing his trick for studying. “Because I studied until dawn, I was very tired and would fall asleep at school,” he joked.
SHINee member Jonghyun added on that he didn’t know about Onew’s good result in school, but went on to compliment Onew and said, “He’s good at school and is really well-mannered/polite, but still manages to stay humble and modest.”

Cr: Newsen + translated by forevermoreandmore@soompi

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